Monitoring For Your Trip

Log On and Log Off, let us help keep you safe.

Seagoing Craft are advised to log on with the local VMR before putting to sea.SA Sea Rescue Squadron monitor the South Australian 27Mhz and VHF repeater network every day between the hours of 7am to 7pm.

The main function of the network is to:

  • Log vessel movement
  • Provide weather and safety message reports
  • Receive distress and emergency transmissions.

When logging on (VHF 16 and 27Mhz 88) you need to tell them:

  • Your vessel’s call sign
  • Where you left from
  • Your destination
  • Number of people on board
  • Estimated time of return or arrival at your destination

When logging off you need to tell them:

  • Your vessel’s call sign
  • You have safely returned to shore or reached your destination
Area of operationprotected waterssemi-protected watersunprotected waters
PFD Per Person*11
Fire Extinguisher (Conditions Apply)***
Anchor With Chain of Rope***
Auxillary Propulsion***
Fire Bucket With Lanyard***
Bailing Bucket With Lanyard or Bilge Pumps(s)***
Waterproof Buoyant Torch or Lantern***
Red Hand-held Flares And orange smoke signals2 Each2 Each
4 litres fresh water*
Marine Radio*
406 MHz EPIRB*
"V" Sheet*
rocket parachute flares2
navigation chart or map***


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