Safety Equipment in South Australia

Every boat must carry safety equipment suitable for its size and the waters where it is used. On this page the ‘coast’
means the coast of the South Australian mainland and Kangaroo Island.
The operator has a duty of care for their own safety, the vessel, and the safety of people who may be affected by
their actions. This includes carrying additional safety equipment suitable for their boating activity, based on:

  • the type of vessel they are operating
  • the area of operation
  • expected water and weather conditions
  • the personal requirements of each passenger.
  • The safety equipment must be in good working order, readily accessible and protected from water and

Before you head out on the water, check these safety tips off your list:

  • Keep your boat safe and ready to go with regular checks and servicing
  • Make sure everyone wears the correct lifejacket
  • Always check the weather before and during boating
  • Pack the right safety equipment and make sure it is in good condition
  • Know the limits of your boat
  • Let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back
  • Stick to a safe speed when you’re out on the water


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