Patrols & Rescue

Sea Rescue Adelaide conducts regular patrols between Grange and Port Willunga every weekend and public holiday.

Boats are stationed at our Headquarters at West Beach and our boat shed at Lonsdale. While on the water, they are in constant contact via radio with our operations centre at West Beach. We use the on-water time to practice seamanship skills, including boat handling & navigation.  Our country Flotillas at Wirrina, Edithburgh and Wallaroo also conduct regular training and on-water patrols.

In the event of an incident, the patrol boat is dispatched to the distressed vessel where appropriate action is taken to ensure the safety of the vessel and the people on board.  Where appropriate the boat is towed to safe harbour. During the week we have Skippers and crews on standby should an incident occur. When an incident occurs, a Skipper and crew are activated depending on the number of vessels required and a rescue boat or boats are launched.

On-Water rescue

Sea Rescue Skippers, crews and radio operators, regardless of the day or the hour, are on call to attend vessels and people in distress. Incidents can be as routine as a flat battery or demand an urgent response if the vessel and crew are in danger.

We work closely with the Water Operations Unit of the South Australia Police who regularly request our assistance with searches and routine incident responses.

Whilst thankfully most of our incidents turn out to be routine tows, some recovery tows can be quite challenging due to sea conditions and the size of boat to be towed as well as the destination. Whilst we attempt to tow the boat to the owner’s port of choice we reserve the right to recovery to the nearest safe anchorage.

Our Other Services

The SA Sea Rescue Squadron provide assistance across South Australia with Flotillas in West Beach, Normanville & Wallaroo. Please support our cause and explore our services below.

Our Partnerships

Our partners are active contributors to our service and provide the means that allow us to perform at the highest standard. From support in equipment to funds, each member of our partnership community is a valued member of the SA Sea Rescue Squadron.

Our Volunteer Marine Rescue Group serves the boating public of south australia

There are many opportunities to be involved with the SA Sea Rescue Squadron from volunteering to memberships and donations. We provide a range of courses, training sessions and levels of membership suited for everyone. For more information, get in touch with our team or explore below.

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